Why Should We Sell Aluminium Scrap?

Aluminium Scrap

Aluminium is the most accessible metal to recycle as it can be melted down and turned into a new product. Did you know aluminium comprises about eight percent of Earth’s landmass?

At Molten Steel, we love getting scrap aluminium, and we pay our customers right on time. We are the top aluminium scrap metal buyer in Singapore. A few things you need to know when bringing scrap aluminium for recycling.

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Why You Should Recycle Aluminium Scrap

If you want to recycle aluminium found in your residential and commercial areas, you’re making a great choice to protect the environment.

Recycling aluminium is a greener option than mining new ore. However, it is never found by itself as a pure ore, and it is deposited in bauxite. Extracting pure aluminium from bauxite is a labor and resource-intensive process. Basically, the process involves melting the bauxite at extremely high temperatures, around 1,000 degrees Celsius, and placing it in an acidic chemical sodium hydroxide bath.

Now, you have imagined, it takes lots of energy to maintain that high temperature. In fact, recycling aluminum handles 5 percent of the energy used to refine raw aluminium. The recycling process doesn’t emit perfluorocarbons which is a highly harmful greenhouse gas.

It is always a better option to bring scrap aluminum for recycling. If you get aluminium to Molten Steel, we’ll pay you for making an effort. This is amazing, right?

Where To Find Scrap Aluminum

Aluminium is used in cans, foil wrapping, bike frames, metal siding, car rims, and hundreds of other products we use every day. Here are some most common places you find aluminum around your home or work.

Automobiles Parts

You can find aluminum in car rims as the demand for fuel-efficient has grown. Now, the carmakers are replacing heavier steel components with lighter aluminum parts.

You can find aluminum parts in an old car’s engine like radiators, wheels, bumpers, suspension parts, transmission, hood, doors, and lots more.


Bicycle frames are made out of aluminum and titanium. Titanium is another recyclable metal, just like aluminium or copper.

Aluminum Cans

Scrap metal yards melt old cans and have them back in the store in just 60-65 days, making recycling aluminum cans more efficient.

Bring your aluminum cans to our scrap yard in Singapore or request us for a free pick-up.

Aluminum Foils

Aluminum foils are also known as misnomer tin foil; it is actually made with aluminum. We also accept aluminum foil; you can bring a larger amount to our recycling facility as well.

Household Appliances

Home appliances like refrigerators, washers, hairdryers and lots more contain some parts of aluminum. Some home appliances like slow cookers or stand misers are also made of aluminum; we help you get rid of everything.


Pots and pans, flatware, and other utensils are made out of aluminum and recycled at Molten Steel. We give you the best possible price according to the market standards.

Construction Elements

In construction, some everyday aluminum items are window frames, siding, screen doors, facades, sinks, and structural frames.

Please bring it to our yard for recycling and earn money. We also offer demolition and removal services for any construction projects.

Computer Parts

You can find lots of aluminium in your laptop and PC. from the processor to the heatsink, and this metal has become a vital part of a computer’s assembly. It also contains valuable gold, copper, silver, and platinum, making it an ideal choice for recycling.

Molten Steel accepts your used electronics and pays you for the metal.

How Molten Steel Helps You Recycling Aluminium

At Molten Steel, we buy all kinds of aluminium, including cans, windows, doors, and aluminium alloys. In fact, we also accept cars for recycling as the parts are precious and recyclable.

Are you not sure whether we will accept your material? Just give us a call!

We offer competitive prices for your aluminium scrap with professional pick-up and drop-off services.