Non Ferrous Metals

Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Buyers In Singapore

The team of Molten Steel is an expert in dealing with all forms of non-ferrous metals recycling. We have the right experience and knowledge to help you get the best non-ferrous metal price in Singapore. 

Scrap metals in your residential and commercial properties aren’t earning money. Being the best scrap copper cables buyers in Singapore, we quote you the best metal scrap price in the market. We get your scrap metal into the market, where it gets processed and sold for a fair amount of cost. Our team of experts analyzes your non-ferrous scrap metal to ensure you get the best price. 

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We are proudly offering professional metal recycling services for industrial, mining, and commercial in Singapore. Whether you want to get rid of tyre rims, stainless steel, copper cable, tins, and more, Molten Steel offers you the best possible price for your scrap metal.

Reliable Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling Services In Singapore

We accept common non-ferrous household metals that are otherwise taken to a landfill. Copper and aluminum are two primary non-ferrous metals used in construction and domestic appliances. These metals used during construction and domestic appliances 

Non-ferrous metals are hard to reuse as they have a mellow compound response. With our skillful ability, skills, and experience of years, we take additional care to reuse a wide range of non-ferrous metals. As a reliable scrap metal buyer in Singapore, we use the most secure eco-friendly strategies to guarantee that our nature causes no harm. 

Non-ferrous metals are used in construction and domestic appliances. Molten steel recycles every non-ferrous metal, including electronic circuitry, soft-drinks cans, automobile batteries, and more. Our team of experts and skillful staff know the proper method to wreck, dismantle, melt and recycle. 

At Molten Steel, we know the importance of safety when disposing of non-ferrous scrap metal in Singapore. It is the only reason we pay the best possible price to our customers. Keeping up to date on current metal scrap prices to ensure our customers are down with lowball offers. 


Things We Buy 

Tyre Rims

It doesn’t matter where you live, but tyres shouldn’t go to the dump. Molten steel recycles tyre rims in an eco-friendly manner. Our team has the knowledge to recycle your tyre correctly. 

Copper Cables 

One primary reason to recycle copper is to keep this metal from being in landfills. Copper taints the environment through its slow decomposing process, and you can make a profit by recycling copper. 

Copper Wires

 Recycling copper wire is the best way for electrical contractors to reduce waste from construction. You make a positive impact on the environment and get money. However, the price of copper fluctuates with the market price.  

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is durable and makes a perfect choice for recycling. Creating new products from stainless steel scrap metal helps to curb environmental damage from mining to smelting plants. 


Recycling tins means saving landfill space and saving energy. If you want to sell your scrap metals, Call Molten Steel. 


Zinc is recyclable non-ferrous metal and can be recycled several times without loss of physical or chemical properties. 

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