About Molten Steel Pte Ltd

Molten Steel Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore on 29th July 2009. Our company has been the leading provider for the collection, trading, and recycling of all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, industrial scraps, and electronic wastes. We also supply different types of industrial machinery & equipment.

Molten Steel Pte Ltd is one of the leading companies in Metal Waste Collectors and  Scrap Metal Buyers in Singapore. Molten Steel provides the best Scrap Metal Prices in Singapore. You can sell your scrap Metal at the best rates in Singapore.

Our customer base ranges from homes, schools, commercial buildings, factories, warehouses, construction sites to shipyards, and more. We resell our metal scrap largely to the local scrap market. We also resell industrial machinery and equipment that are in usable condition locally as well as to parts of Malaysia, Indonesia, and India. While we connect buyers and sellers within our local metal scrap industry, we also focus on facilitating foreign buyers to purchase metal scraps from established scrap recycling companies in Singapore.

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Metal Scrap Recycling