How Do Scrap Metal Removal Services Works

scrap metal removal services

Are you wondering what is scrap metal removal services and how do they work? Junk comes in all shapes and sizes. Some home renovations and car repair projects have wastes that are mixed with scrap metals. These scarp metal shouldn’t be thrown away with the trash; it can get recycled and turned into something new. Scrap metal recycling in Singapore keeps materials out of landfills and keeps the environment safe. 

Do you want to get rid of old scrap metal and have no time to recycle it yourself? Molten Steel can help you right away. Whether it’s ferrous or non-ferrous metal, we help you get rid of scrap metal in Singapore. 

Molten Steel offers solutions to fit your scrap removal needs. This step-by-step guide helps you know what steps to take and what to expect when arranging scrap metal removal services or free scrap pick-up from Molten Steel. 


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Scrap Metal Recycling Near You

Handling scrap metals all by yourself is a pain. Molten Steel offers scrap metal pick-up services for both residential and commercial. We are fully insured to do all the heavy lifting when possible to save your time and back. We give you true peace of mind. 

Follow these below steps.

Step 1: Check Your Metals 

When figuring out what needs to be removed, consider the types of metals and estimated weights of the metals that might create. Our pick-up services come to your desired location and take care of all the scrap metals, ferrous or non-ferrous. We give you the best price according to the market requirements. 

Determine whether you have the time and ability to separate scrap or if it would be better to have a team from Molten Steel come to your location for assistance. For removing heavy scrap metals from your site, we have the equipment and professional team to provide free pick-up services. 

Step 2: Contact Molten Steel

Once you know how much scrap metals you have in your location, reach out to us via phone at (65) 9106 7577 or email us at We provide you the free quotes for how much your scrap is worth to get a clear picture. Our team will also discuss the different ways to remove your scrap metal. Some options are:

Free pick-up services: We deliver pick-up bins to you to fill for one-time or ongoing projects and collect them once they are ready to go. 

Scrap removal: Our team comes to your location to remove your scrap metals, whether it’s construction or demolition scrap metal. 

Demolition and Removal: Our team provides demolition of the buildings at your desired site. We sort and remove scrap metal from the sites. 

Step 3: Container Drop Off

If you’ve booked us for free pick-up services, we drop off the containers at your chosen location. We have a variety of containers that fits your needs and requirements, including:

  • Tall metal containers
  • Steel containers
  • Cardboard boxes 
  • Collapsible cages 

We also offer you containers that can be kept indoors and are lockable if you have valuable or hazardous metals. If you are looking for demolishing or cleaning services from us, our team brings all the necessary equipment.  

We sort your metal to ensure that you get the best price. We try to remove scrap metals on the same day, but it ultimately depends on the size of the project. 

Step 4: Container Pickup/Scrap Removal 

Once you’re all set to pick up the scrap metal, let us know. Within 24 hours, we will be there at your desired location to collect your items. If your project is ongoing, let us know if you like us to bring replacement containers for your convenience. 

We remove all the scrap metal at demolishing sites and take it back to our yard for recycling. We ensure that no metals are left behind. 

Step 5: Get Paid For Your Scrap Metal 

After your scrap pick-up and removal, it’s time to get paid! We take your scrap metal to our yard and give you the best possible price according to the market requirements. 

Molten Steel helps you with your scrap metal removal. Contact us today and turn your scrap metals into cash in no time.