What Could Be The Prices Of Scrap Metal In Singapore

scrap metal prices singapore

Scrap metal is an indispensable facet of Singapore manufacturing. Scrap metal recycling in Singapore saves space in landfills, reduces pollution, and protects natural resources. The best part is it takes less energy to repurpose metal from an old product, and it does not require mining new ore for the same purposes. 

Some common items like circuit boards, cans, catalytic converters, and copper wire deliver to scrap yards every day. However, some metals are quite worth more than other metals that are constantly in flux. 

What Is The Prices Of Scrap Metal in 2022

The laws of supply and demand would affect the price of scrap metal the same as any other product. The primary factor that affects the pricing of the metal is fuel price, shipping cost, and availability. 


We can find Aluminum in several products that we use every day, like cans, automobiles, cell phones, and lots more. Aluminum is a malleable metal that trades based on its quality. When it comes to classification, aluminum is sold and brought to various scrap metal yards in Singapore. 

The aluminum price in 2021 was quite an uptick due to COVID. This metal is made with Bauxite. As you might don’t know, Australia and Guinea are two of the world’s top suppliers of Bauxite as Bauxite trades on speculation. Any reason that would affect the supply of Bauxite then would have a direct impact on the price of aluminum.


As you know, lead is used for paint, car batteries, and crystal. Lead is a very pliable metal that has a low melting point. The value of lead increase in 2021 due to the supply concerns related to disruptions in mining due to COVID-19. When the mining operation resumes and supplies replenish, the scrap prices change. Here is a list of leads expect to grow in various recycling centers that are priced out.

  • Mixed lead scrap 
  • Lead wheel weights scrap 
  • Irony lead scrap 
  • Industrial batteries scrap
  • Hard lead scrap 


Brass is useful in many products that are corrosion-resistant, and it has low friction. Most of the time, brass is useful in various musical instruments like ammunition casings, hinges, plumbing fixtures, and radiators. 

  • Yellow brass shell casing scrap 
  • Mixed brass turning scrap
  • Irony brass scrap 
  • Bass breakage 
  • Yellow grass turnings scrap


Copper is an extremely malleable metal, and it is known for its conductive properties and is useful for wiring. Due to the underinvestment of this metal over the past few years, it has causes issues as the demand is increasing. Here is a list of some copper that would increase the price of the metal. 

  • Light copper scrap 
  • Heater cores scrap 
  • Dirty copper scrap 
  • Copper scrap 

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel is one of the most recycled metals around the world. It is useful in construction works, making elevators and cookware. When the demand is high in many steel mills shuttering, then it would cause an increase in the price of stainless steel. Look at some of the examples of stainless steel types of stainless steel scrap that has prices in same per pound: 

  • 317 stainless steel solid scrap 
  • 317 prepared stainless steel solid scrap 
  • 305 stainless steel scrap 
  • 19/9 stainless steel scrap 
  • 305 stainless steel turning scrap 

Supply chain issues, mining disruptions, and political unrest are some of the common factors that play a role in determining the current prices of metal scrap . 

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