Why You Should Opt For Aluminum Recycling

Aluminium Recycling

Now, you can make a huge difference in the health of future generations by recycling. Recycling scrap metals is the best way to protect our environment and natural resources. If you are concerned about landfills, recycling metals like aluminum recycling is a good start. Just like any other metal, aluminum is also difficult to extract and refine.

Mining new material uses lots of electrical resources, and the process pollutes the air and harms water bodies and land. Why is recycling aluminium a huge deal? Many people recycle their aluminium products every day, while some throw them away with the rest of their trash. 

Some people might don’t know that recycling aluminium uses just 5% of the emission and energy. You can recycle aluminium again and again without the loss of properties. Recycling aluminium is the perfect way to do good for the environment. 

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Statistics On Aluminum Recycling 

  1. Only 95% less energy is required for recycling aluminium. It is so much better than extracting raw materials.
  2. By recycling 1 tons of aluminium, you save 9 tons of CO2 emission and 4 tons of bauxite. 
  3. Recycling aluminium helps to save 97% of greenhouse gas emissions. 
  4. Aluminium is widely available; it is 100% recyclable. It helps in carbon-saving and goes into the recycling loop. 

Benefits Of Recycling Aluminum 

Check out the below list to find out the benefits of recycling aluminum. 

Reducing the Resource Depletion 

Did you know aluminium on the earth is about 9% and is also an abundant element? It is always better to recycle aluminium than to mine. Aluminium has the property to use over and over, with no degradation in quality or usefulness. 

Saving Energy 

After mining, the natural bauxite heads to the smelting plants, where it takes an enormous amount of electricity to separate the aluminium. Aluminium consumes more energy to break the durable compound bonds than the unstable elements, as it requires extreme heat to force the bonds apart. 

Recycling avoids digging, and the energy saved can power 4.4 million homes for an entire year. Sounds impressive?

The individual smelters have the electrical demand that outstrips the local electric providers’ ability to supply them. 

Reduce the Landfills

Organic food like foods can get recycled easily; on the other hand, metals will not decompose. Developing, maintaining, and managing the landfill is no cheaper; trash disposal is one of the biggest challenges local municipalities face. 

Aluminium that is does not recycle ends up in landfills or the scrapyard. It also minimizes landfills, eventually aids the environment. You can ensure that our natural resources are saved by recycling aluminium, and it produces fewer quantities of mined aluminium. 

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Recycling aluminium products leaves a vast difference by keeping this metal out of the landfills; over 90 million metric tons of carbon dioxide is stopped from being released into the environment each year. 

Aluminium minimizes carbon dioxide emissions equal to a one-hour car ride or powering a TV for three hours. Recycling aluminium parts for your vehicle results in lighter, more fuel-efficient cars that help reduce fossil fuels. 

Satisfying Increasing Demand 

The population is increasing, and the demand for aluminium has increased. It means that there is a continuous production of this metal. To meet the increasing demand, mining is not sufficient to meet this demand. 

Manufacturing aluminum can be used in various industrial and commercial properties. However, 65 percent of natural aluminium meets manufacturing needs. 

Environmental Degradation With Aluminum 

Recycling aluminium reduces air pollution, as mining aluminium produces a significant amount of carbon dioxide. Recycling aluminium leaves and water bodies leave unaffected. 

Mining aluminium produces nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide, contributing to acid rains. It also contaminates both ground and surface water. We can all avoid this by recycling. 

Recycling aluminium is the best way to protect the environment. Do you want to recycle aluminium? Contact Molten Steel.

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