Copper Cables

How Can Copper Cables Be Recycled Efficiently?

The majority of people don’t even think about what will happen to their trash when they leave it behind, let alone how it will affect the ecosystem. There are progressively fewer landfills as a result of the rubbish we produce, which finally finds its way there before being buried. Recycling is, therefore, the most dependable option because recycling copper cables is less challenging than recycling paper, aluminum, steel, and other metals.

Scrap copper is simple to locate. Copper is used in electrical cables, plumbing, automobile waste, and copper alloys. In addition to its economic advantages, recycling copper offers several positive environmental effects. So, if you got a copper scrap pile line up at your premises, here is a list of things from Scrap copper cables buyers in Singapore and how you can recycle it effectively,

Let’s together discover how to properly clean these priceless components of your scrap pile if you intend to sell those copper wires to the scrapyard.

  • Which kinds of copper wire are recyclable?

Copper wire typically contains other components that may be less environmentally beneficial, even though pure copper is entirely recyclable.

Scrap copper cables buyers in Singapore stated that Check the varieties of copper the recycler accepts before reaching out to a provider to recycle your copper wire.

Most recyclers will process the following scrap:

  • Bare bright Wire
  • Copper tubing
  • Copper chops
  • Insulated copper wire

The most valued sort of copper is usually bare-bright copper wire. However, many recycling facilities accept several kinds of Wire (so it’s crucial to check from the scrapyard before you take your scrap pile to complete off the copper wire )

Apart from all these, there are the wires you are likely to find at home, which can be a source of additional income. 

  • Mixed Wires
  • Data Cables
  • Single-core copper cable
  • Flexible Wires
  • Colorful Wires


  • Where can you find Scrap copper wire at your home?

After all that information about Copper wires, you might wonder where in your house you can find the most recyclable materials. Let’s discover together where this hidden gem is located in our house so that next time you won’t have to wander to the places for the scrap. Here is a list of undiscovered locations from Scrap copper cables buyers in Singapore where you can locate scrap copper wire and bring it to the scrapyard later.

  • Old small appliances:

There is probably a lot of copper wiring in the appliances in your home that are broken or not used. Therefore, avoid throwing away outdated small equipment like coffee makers, toasters, and blenders. Inside and outside, insulated Wire is present.

The method of Scrap copper cables buyers in Singapore with which you can carefully remove the copper wires is by using scissors to cut the copper wires in these appliances and then add the pieces to your expanding scrap pile.

  • TV and computer monitors:

Whether you have an old TV, a modern flat-screen, or an old-school CRT, there are scrap deposits of copper wire. The various wires linked to TV screens can be easily severed with a pair of scissors. Computer displays are another source of high-quality copper wire trash.

  • Heavy equipment:

Huge appliances are great for steel loads, including refrigerators, freezers, dryers, washers, dishwashers, and many other large appliances. However, you might want to look inside to see if there is any copper wiring before you put them in the recycling. Scrap copper cables buyers in Singapore stated that before discarding any of these appliances and other priceless items in the yard, remove those cords from the back. More oversized items like stoves and refrigerators typically have thicker insulated wires since they use more electricity, and wires removed from these appliances can quickly add to the weight of your garbage pile.

It’s crucial to remember that specific devices come with both internal and external connections. Examples of this include DVD players, computers, and VCRs. There are a ton of tiny, insulated copper wires inside these devices. These items in your kitchen are good sources of copper wires aside from appliances.

  • Pipes:

If you’re a plumber, have friends who are, or are just updating some minor piping in your home, you’re likely to find a lot of recyclable copper pipes, say scrap copper buyers in Singapore.

Scrap copper cables buyers in Singapore want you to know that other substantial sources of copper in kitchens exist in addition to the pipes. Older homes typically feature copper sinks, and some people cook or decorate with copper pots and pans. These recyclable materials collectively generate a considerable profit.


Scrap copper cables buyers in Singapore advise you to take some severe safety measures when handling copper wires. Wear safety goggles and gloves before stripping your copper wire to ensure your safety.

How to recycle copper wire?

Although the procedure for recycling copper wire is simple, it can be labor-intensive. To recycle copper wire scrap from your electrical contractor firm, follow these steps:

  1. Assemble your leftover wire

Gather any scrap metals with a marketable value, such as copper wire, as you work on a project. To prevent throwing away the copper wire unintentionally, keep it apart from another scrap.

  1. Sort the Wire

After that, group your scrap copper wire into appropriate bins.

Sorting your scrap into clean and dirty Wire is the simplest method. In contrast to dirty Wire, clean Wire does not have any insulation, fittings, or other items attached to it. Clean Wire will pay you the most, but only if it isn’t intermingled with unclean Wire. You can make dirty Wire clean by stripping it if you have the time. Over time, you can accumulate copper wire, remove the insulation, and then deliver it when you’re ready.

You are now aware of the origins of copper cables. Learning how to clean the items and obtain the desired amount efficiently has come.

Here are some methods from Scrap copper cables buyers in Singapore that you can use to clean copper wires.

Knife-scribbling a wire:

Human work is required for this process. Due to the time required, avoid attempting to utilize this technique on a large bundle of copper wires. Instead, pick an alternative simple, and efficient method for cleaning your copper wiring.

Place the Wire on a level surface. Lay the copper wire on a non-cuttable surface, like a cutting board. With the knife, you can probably cut into the plastic. To avoid self-cutting when cutting copper wire, use sturdy gloves. When you cut the casing, take care not to cut too close to the copper wire and completely sever it from the plastic.

Use sandpaper:

Depending on how badly your copper has tarnished, you can use sandpaper or steel wool to remove light surface oxidation. While working with copper to make anything like jewelry, you use sandpaper or different buffers to polish and remove blemishes. This not only implies scratches but also cleaning the tarnish on the Wire.

Boiling water:

Set the copper wire in the water after the water has boiled for ten minutes. Water should come to a boil before you put Wire into the vessel. Now, Carefully insert the wires into the pot. The Wire’s plastic covering will warm up due to the heat, making removing it simpler. Never set your wires’ copper wire casing on fire. It damages the environment and devalues the Wire. When working with hot metal, carrying cooking thongs and wearing thick gloves is a necessity.

Last but not the least

  1. Bring it to the reliable Scrap copper cables buyers in Singapore.

Find a scrap metal recycling company that buys and recycles copper nearby after you have accumulated enough Wire to warrant a trip. The employees at the recycling companies in Singapore will inspect and weigh your products. Based on your many wire kinds, you need to receive payment very soon. Cleaning and other preparation work should be your first responsibility, even though many scrap companies don’t highlight it to ensure you get what you anticipate.

No Throwing in Dustbins, only recycling facilities for Copper wire scrap.

Save your copper wire and bring it to the Recycling facility!! One of Molten Steel‘s areas of specialization is recycling scrap cables. Scrap copper cables buyers in Singapore advise our customers to sell by length for expensive scrap copper cables or cables. This strategy demonstrates Scrap copper buyers in Singapore‘s commitment to honest and transparent dealings with our clients. Even before you come down, you’ll know precisely how much you’ll be paid!

We are also the company to engage with if you want to sell transparently! We pride ourselves on fair trading and competitive pricing to guarantee that our client’s interests are protected. No more being the victim of a weighing scale fraud? Call us for a Scrap quote for your copper cables to get a comprehensive valuation. There are no surprises or hidden costs. You obtain the entire value when you Sell your scrap metal to scrap metal Singapore company without any fraud in weighing the cables or leaving your office


Aluminium; Everything You Need To Know About This Metal Recycling.

The idea of recycling Aluminium might not seem like the most interesting one right away to many. However, recycling aluminium items becomes exciting the more we understand why it’s necessary.

Sadly, many individuals are unaware of the benefits of recycling Aluminium scrap. And instead of being recycled so that it may be used again, this valuable material frequently ends up in the trash.

Because of this, Aluminium scrap metal buyers in Singapore present extremely important points about Aluminium recycling today. Our experts cover all you need to know about recycling Aluminium, including which products may recycle and much more.

Shall we begin? 

  • What is Aluminium Recycling?

Let’s start by answering the puzzling topic of whether this metal can be recycled. So, there should be no doubt that you can recycle Aluminium.¬†

Aluminum scrap metal buyers in Singapore suggest that used Aluminium can be processed again for use in new products. You submit your aluminium items and cans to recycling facilities in this case. Then it is transformed into raw material. (We’ll discuss the detailed recycling procedure later.) After the recycling process is finished, they now return new materials to the places that are in need of them.¬†

This entire process can go on endlessly, which is fantastic. No matter how often it is recycled, Aluminium does not lose its properties. As a result, you can keep recycling Aluminium without worrying about the metal deteriorating. Also, remember that aluminium producers nowadays collaborate with several people, companies, groups, and even communities to achieve this. They collaborate to develop curbside and industrial recycling systems that are advantageous to the community and industry.

  • Aluminium products list from Aluminium scrap metal buyers in Singapore that you can take to a recycling company.¬†

Here are some amazing examples of the aluminium products you can recycle: 

  • Window frames made out of Aluminium¬†
  • Aluminium Wires¬†
  • Old cars
  • Cables
  • Clippings, borings, and other Aluminium manufacturing scrap
  • Leftover skeletons from aluminium sheets cut to create cans
  • Tubing¬†
  • UBC cans (Universal Beverage Cans)
  • Scrap metal (including HVAC scrap metal and electrical motor scrap)
  • Pie pans

In addition, even though they don’t include 100% metal, many goods and items contain Aluminium. Two outstanding examples? Wheelchairs and patio furniture Both of them frequently include priceless Aluminium that, if removed from the rest of the material, can be recycled.

Do you also know? The scrap metal left over after modifying the boat or getting rid of an old vessel frequently has a fantastic value. Sailboat ballasts, for instance, can weigh a lot of weight and have a lead scrap value in the hundreds of dollars. But if you are new to scraping, we always advise dealing with qualified metal recyclers to receive the most excellent value for your products.

  • How to perfectly identify Aluminium from scrap piles?¬†

Aluminium scrap metal buyers in Singapore stated that Magnet testing. 

The magnet test is probably something you have encountered while researching recycling Aluminium. This test can help you identify certain metal types to decide what is recyclable. It is probably not Aluminium if a magnet clings to a piece of metal. It’s more likely cast iron or steel, though. Magnets won’t adhere to copper, brass, tin, or solver in addition to Aluminium. (Tin and Aluminium frequently confuse for one another, but this easy magnet test makes it easy to tell them apart.) Aluminium scrap metal buyers in Singapore states that this test could be a good start if you quickly seek a simple method to distinguish aluminium items from other materials.

  • How to dispose of Aluminium scrap effectively?¬†

There are a few various approaches you may use to recycle your aluminium scrap. Aluminium scrap metal buyers in Singapore will discuss some specific aluminium items and the many recycling options available to dispose of them. 

  • ¬†Aluminium Cans¬†

Have you finished the soda or other canned goods? You can rinse Aluminium cans rinse before putting in your curbside recycling bin. Not even crushing them is required. These cans can gather and we can take a recycling facility where they can separate.

  • Aluminium foil

Never throw away that aluminium foil! Instead, give them a short washing before adding them to your recycling bin at the curb or transporting them to the local recycling center.

Here are some interesting facts about Aluminium Scrap Recycling that are likely to motivate you to recycle it more and more.  

  • Aluminium may recycle indefinitely many times:-¬†

Since there are no restrictions on how many times Aluminium can be recycled, it is the perfect material for recycling. Aluminum is always brand-new after recycling and we can recycle it multiple times.

  • Only two months to recycle Aluminium:-¬†

When we bring to a recycling facility, aluminium cans take roughly 60 days to recycle.

These 60 days include the time it takes to fill and distribute replacement cans to retailers, showing that aluminium recycling is speedy and effective. Because of this, Aluminium scrap metal buyers in Singapore recommend recycling Aluminium as one of the best and most sustainable solutions.

  • It always keeps its quality: –

We can recycle Aluminium endlessly. It keeps its structural integrity and usefulness. We can find Aluminium in a wide variety of items, from a basic drink can to an automobile body. If you have any, sell your aluminium scrap to Scrap Metal Singapore Company immediately.

  • It won’t rust at all:-¬†

A metal that never rusts is Aluminium because it doesn’t contain iron. Rust only occurs in iron-containing metals, like scrap steel. Because aluminium metal objects do not rust when exposed to rain, sleet, snow, or humidity, Aluminium is a desirable material for outdoor applications where moisture is a problem.

Do you know? 

The benefit we may obtain from the simple act of recycling can demonstrate by the fact that recycling only one Aluminium can save energy equivalent to that requires to run a television for up to three hours.

It’s time not just to throw away Aluminium Scrap.¬†

Thus, hurry up! Fill the truck with Aluminium, metal scrap, and steel and join scrap metal buyers now to help the environment. Do you also know that the Aluminium scrap metal buyers in Singapore dealing with aluminium scrap metal are open to receiving the scrap metal from everyone who wishes to impact the environment positively? So hurry and come on in!

Sending metals for recycling may enable you to get some side income. Undoubtedly, most of you know that selling your scrap metal to scrap yards and recycling centers like Molten Steel, the scrap metal Singapore Company might result in financial rewards. You can make money from recycling and helping the environment simultaneously. Furthermore, because prices change, you don’t need to worry about scrap metal prices, as our professionals believe in only offering transparent prices. So don’t wait along and get rid of unwanted scrap right away. Reach out to Aluminium scrap metal buyers in Singapore today!!

Scrap Metal

Ten Ways To Reduce Scrap Metal At The Workplace.

The majority of people agree that recycling is an essential part of daily life. Many cities and towns have recycling programs, and most people understand the importance of scrap metal recycling and do so in their homes. However, not enough offices and other workplaces have adopted the recycling concept. 

If you want to start a recycling program at your workplace, this article will provide you with some pointers from scrap metal recycling companies in Singapore.

  • Start by reducing Human errors:-¬†

Parts can be damaged during transit or manual handling. So it’s best to use mechanization to minimize physical contact with parts – especially delicate parts that will be damaged.

Excessive scrap-causing errors should indicate that your employees require additional training. Better training reduces the likelihood of human error. Well-trained teams are more likely to use software applications correctly and avoid as many trial-and-error stages.

  • Improve Communication and Project Management:-¬†

Scrap metal recycling companies in Singapore stated Scrap is frequently the result of ineffective or incomplete communication about production changes. For example, suppose the engineering team decides to change a part to improve the overall product. In that case, this must be communicated quickly and clearly, not only internally but also throughout the supply chain. If this is not pursue by the company, the company may be left with a stockpile of the old part. It may be non-cancellable and non-returnable. Then it will have to scrap.

  • Go Paperless:-¬†¬†

As stated by Scrap metal recycling companies in Singapore. While recycling is beneficial, the most significant impact is achieved by using less paper in the first place. With programs like Google Docs, which allows you to write, edit, and collaborate for free online, and Dropbox, which allows you to sync and share files quickly, it’s easier than ever to reduce the amount of paper you use at work. As a friendly reminder to coworkers, consider adding a “think before you print” message to the bottom of your emails or to the workplace.¬†

  • Print more effectively:-¬†

It is sometimes necessary to print. Reduce paper costs by having employees set their defaults to print double-sided and asking them to use the “Print Selection” function, which encourages them to print only what they need and reduces wasted sheets of paper.

  • Request your employees to bring their own steel dishes:-¬†

Instead of wasting money on wasteful paper plates, harmful Styrofoam cups, and flimsy plastic utensils, ask your employees to bring their own cups and plates, or you can also offer silver utensils. Over time, you’ll save money on purchasing and disposing of these items, and real dishes are much nicer to use. Scrap metal recycling companies in Singapore advices you to make everyone responsible for their own dishes and, if possible, invest in a dishwasher to make things even more accessible.

  • For A Green Initiative, set up a Green Team:- .¬†

Set up a Green Team comprised of employees from across the organization. To establish specific objectives for your office’s recycling program and waste reduction initiatives both internally and externally. Make sure to include a timeline and how success will measure and monitor. Include personnel from various departments as well as the management team. Metal recycling Singapore company suggests it is critical to be inclusive in fostering program ownership and shared responsibility.

  • Conduct Process Audits:-¬†

Process audits are a crucial step in any scrap reduction process. According to reliable Scrap metal recycling companies in Singapore, identifying scrap points would be impossible without a thorough understanding of the current process.

  • Utilize the Proper Metal Forming Tool for the Job:-¬†

We can keep the scrap to a minimum by using the proper tool for the job. Inefficient technology usage contributes to part damage and scrap production. 

  • Recycling Corner:-¬†

According to many recycling companies in Singapore, you should set aside a section of your company or just a shelving unit to collect and store all old office supplies. Employees can organize and place old office furniture, phones, computers, staplers, file folders, and other items in the “Recycling Corner” whenever they have them. When an employee needs a “new” office supply, make it a habit to check the Recycling Corner before ordering anything new.

  • Complimentary Reusable Lunch boxes:-¬†

You can give each new employee their own reusable lunch bag. This is just one proactive step your office can take to encourage employees. This can avoid bringing their lunch in single-use paper or plastic bags. That is how you can encourage your employees to be conscious of what they bring to work. According to one of the reliable Scrap metal recycling companies in Singapore, a litter-free lunch is just one of the initiatives your organization can implement to reduce the amount of daily waste entering the facility.

At last Cooperate with all suppliers to reduce packaging:-  

The final step for Scrap metal recycling companies in Singapore is to Inform and educate your vendors and suppliers about your company’s sustainability initiatives and goals. Working with your supply chain gives you more control over the materials and waste brought into your facility. This way, you can ensure that all packaging entering your facility is recyclable, reusable, or compostable. Even better, you can now work with vendors to return the packaging after delivery.

Join in the initiative to make a greener world with scrap metal recycling!!

Collecting and recycling is not a difficult chore for offices. That’s all there is to scrap metal recycling for workplaces; now, inquire from the local scrapyard what office scrap you can take to the facility, protect the stuff from corrosion and transport it to Molten Steel, a Scrap metal recycling company in Singapore. We think that efficient waste management and recycling are essential for a healthy environment. It also give a promising future for the upcoming generation. Scrap metal Singapore company professionals have been working to improve the quality of life on earth from the very beginning. As a market leader, the scrap metal recycling businesses are aware of the intricacy of recycling scrap metal and can offer you full-service options. So act quickly and get in touch with metal scrap recycling in Singapore company if you need any help recycling scrap metal.

Everything Interesting About Scrap Metal & Benefits Of Recycling It

We’ve all heard of scrap metal recycling. For example, it is generally beneficial to the environment and can be profitable.

Recycling is environmentally friendly because almost all Recycling uses less energy than the process of creating or mining new materials. Scrap metal recycling is especially advantageous due to the massive amounts of energy required to mine, refine, process, and ship metals, as opposed to the relatively minor amount of energy required to recycle it. However, there are some more things that many of us are unaware of.

So, keep reading the blog to learn amazing facts about scrap metal recycling stated by recycling companies in Singapore. 

What Exactly Is Scrap Metal Recycling?

The restoration and handling of recyclable metal materials from end-of-life products and structures so that scrap metal can be reintroduce as raw materials for the production of new goods are referable to as scrap metal recycling.

How we make metals?

The vast bulk of pure metals present in the earth’s crust. They are available in ores, which are solid materials from which minerals and metals can extract. Iron makes up nearly a third percent of the planet’s mass, most concentrated in the planet’s core. Of course, massive mining operations require to extract the majority of metal ores from the ground. That’s why throwing away metal s like wasting the efforts of many.¬†

Metals are frequently classified as ferrous or nonferrous. Ferrous metals, are mild Steel, carbon steel, and cast iron, which contain iron; nonferrous metals, such as copper, aluminum, tin, and lead, do not.

The Intriguing process of scrap metal recycling 

Many of us are unaware of the process that carries forward after submitting our scrap pile. So. there are recycling companies in Singapore presenting you with exciting steps that are involved in scrap metal recycling. 


This is the initial and most crucial step in metal recycling that every recycling companies in Singapore follows Collection of Metal piles. It simply entails collecting all metal-based materials. This procedure should be organizing so that containers specifically design to collect metals.

Some individuals and businesses have established scrap yards in which people are encouraged to collect various metals, transport them there, and be paid for what they have collected. Metals price differently at the yards. The scrap metal yards serve as metal collection points.


The recycling companies in Singapore, experts say, “Sorting Metal according to grade and type is what helps employees reach efficiency at the workplace.”¬†

After the metals collect, the next critical step is to sort metals. This entails separating what can recycle from what cannot recycle. 

One can only create A high-quality recycled product or item if the original materials used in the recycling process are high quality. This necessitates stringent quality control during the sorting process.

Here’s a thing. A product must contain at least 50% metal. Even if other materials, such as plastic, surround the metal, it is worth recycling if it is mainly metal.


The metal is compacted or squeezed after it has been through the sorting procedure by the recycling companies in Singapore. Machines squeeze and squash all recycled materials to take up less space on the conveyor belts.


After the scrap metal has been crushed and broken, the shredding process begins at recycling companies in Singapore. Further, metals breaks down into tiny pieces or sheets to allow further processing. Small metal pieces have a high surface-to-volume ratio and can melt with less energy than larger pieces. For instance, Steel typically form into blocks, whereas aluminum form into sheets.

Metal Melting 

After Shredding, Metal Melting is another step followed by recycling companies in Singapore. A large boiler is used to melt the scrap metal. Each metal brings to a furnace that is specifically design to melt based on its properties. How many hours Melting can take depends on the size of the boiler, the Quantity of metal placed in the boiler, and the furnace’s heat degree.

Metal Purification

The purification process begins after the melting process is completes. Metals are purified in various ways. Metal purification ensures that the final product is free of impurities and of top-standard quality. Depending on the type of metal, different purification methods are available today.

Solidifying the Metal

Following the purification process, the molten metal is transports to a cooling chamber and cools and solidifies. At this point, the scrap metal transform into a solid metal that can be reuse. After that, other chemicals add up to the molten metal to give it density and other properties.

Transportation of the Metal Bars

This is The last step in the process of scrap metal recycling. Once the bars design and make, the final product packs up, depending on their sizes and shapes. Ready for transporting to factories and people who require the metal. After that, the cycle begins again.

 Now that you know, Will you start Recycling Metals? 

There’s more to scrap metal recycling; this is just a tiny part that everyone who fascinates scrap metal recycling should know. According to Molten Steel, Recycling is a way to bring change. So, it’s time we stop neglecting it and start taking steps for Recycling.¬†

Also, if your mind has doubts, nobody other than a trustworthy scrapyard can clear it. So reach out to your nearby scrapyard and let them give you clear insights about Recycling. 

All commercial and industrial companies and individuals wishing to sell scrap metals can trust Molten Steel. Scrap metal Singapore Company is proud to provide fair scrap metal prices and combat client exploitation. We also never overlook the people we deal with and ensure our workplace is as safe as possible. Molten Steel process ferrous and nonferrous metals with the most up-to-date technology and ensure 100% accuracy in our weighing. We pay every single one of our customers precisely what they owe. You can reach out to our professionals. Metal scrap recycling companies in Singapore will be pleased to answer all your scrap metal-related queries.